About Us

Picture of the Moore family: Ben (dad), Jackie (mom), Jordyn (big sister), and Hudson (little brother)

Hi, we're the Moore family. Ben (dad), Jackie (mom), Jordyn (big sister), and Hudson (little brother).

When our daughter Jordyn, who has autism, entered high school, we began to think about what Jordyn's life would look like after graduation. While researching, we quickly discovered that opportunities for adults with disabilities are minimal to non-existent. We worried about what Jordyn would do during the day. Would she have a job? How would she find friends? 

Jordyn's Summer Shirt Shop

However, rather than worrying about what was not available, we decided to focus on creating something for Jordyn. In the summer of June 2018, we set a goal to teach Jordyn some job skills.

To do this, we worked with an Occupational Therapist and an aide to help Jordyn learn to roll and package shirts for shipment and set up "Jordyn's Summer Shirt Shop" in our basement.

We hoped to convince at least 40 close friends and family to purchase a shirt from Jordyn with a simple but powerful message: Be Kind to Everyone.

Practice Makes Progress

What started as a summer project has now become a family business where Jordyn thrives. She independently rolls shirts, adds wristbands, and signs/stamps thank you cards.

Be Kind to Everyone tees have been sold in all 50 states, and in January 2022, we moved our shirt shop into a 5,500-square-foot warehouse in Cumming, Georgia.  Jordyn has been featured on 11 Alive, Fox 5 Atlanta, 94.9 The Bull, Forsyth County News, and Love What Matters. 


Thank you for following our story, buying our shirts, and helping make Jordyn's dreams come true.


Jackie, Ben, Jordyn, Hudson, and Max (our dog)