Jordyn's Summer Shirt Project

Jordyn has autism.  We created the shirt project with the purpose of teaching her job skills.  With each purchase she rolls the shirt, adds a wristband and signs a thank you card.  It started out as small project but has now spread kindness across the country.  Shirts have been ordered from all 50 states.  


A shirt with purpose!  When I wear this shirt I feel like I can change the world.  I find myself smiling more, doing more and always feeling happy when I wear it.  

David from Georgia

It's amazing what wearing this shirt does for the person wearing it.  I feel myself happier and nicer to others.  I find myself wishing people a blessed day, saying hello, and smiling more often.  I also receive compliments on my shirt.  Thank you Jordyn for making ME a better person and having such a positive impact on my life.

Glenn from Colorado

I recently ordered shirts for my coworkers at school.  We couldn't believe the amazingly fast turn around time.  We were also thrilled with the quality of shirts when they arrived.  Thank you Jordyn!

Kimberly from Michigan